How Technology is Changing Our Lives

Over the years, technology has changed our lives drastically. On the one hand, it has given us a comfortable life; on the other hand, it has made us its slaves. Although human beings created machines and robots etc for their ease, but now the machines have become kings and are ruling over humans. Thus, technology has both positive and negative impacts.

Access to More Information

With the invention of internet, the flow of information in different channels via different mediums has been increased. With a single click, you can now take a virtual tour of the world and get aware about the affairs of the world. Furthermore, documents and files are shared in seconds and things get viral in minutes.

Education and Awareness

Compare current education system to that of your parents, you will find a huge difference. Virtual classrooms are no more a bizarre term and students can now take lectures from their homes. With the advancement in technology, students have numerous means of getting education which include hard material as well as soft material.

Technology in Business

Technology has a huge impact on businesses, both local and international. Numerous business apps have been developed for swift communication. Paper work has now been taken by gadgets like laptops and computers which can be accessed in second. Similarly, artificial intelligence and cloud computing significantly help in steering, operating and managing businesses.

 Technology and our Lifestyle

I have stated previously that technology has changed our lifestyle both positively and negatively. In the past, people were very connected, and emotions and feelings had a specific place in their hearts. People used to share their problems and they had time for one another. In today’s era, technology has robbed people of theiremotions. People prefer to spend their time onsocial media with their virtual family than with their real family. In other words, we are unnecessarily busy in our lives doing nothing.

Having said that, technology has positively changed our patterns of communication. Letters and money orders which once took even months are now delivered in seconds. Furthermore, you directly contact with officials and friends as and when required via cellular phone through Facebook, WatsApp, Intagram, email so and so forth and stay connected.

Technology and Health

It won’t be right if I say people hate technology, because everyone of us is crazy for a luxurious life. No doubt cars, aeroplanes and many other gadgets and machines have made our lives easier than ever, but it has also affected our health. Physical activities are lessened to this extent that we are now suffering from diseases like obesity, diabetes and CVDs. Moreover, screen timing damages brain cells and eye sight especially in small children. Therefore, the screen timing should be minimized as much as possible.

In the end, I think future will be very different from what it is today. Technology is present almost everywhere and is associated with human life; it’s present in air, water, food, business, education, medicine and what not. I fear the future will be controlled by robots just like Andys from the post-modern novel, “Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep”. Therefore, we should use technology prudently.

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